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Web Development From 429$ Details
Ecommerce Website From 899$ Details
SEO PACKAGE From 60$ Details
Link Building - HIGH PR From 200$ Details

We are SEO experts and we already doing weekly/monthly link building projects for companies.
We only provide effecient link building methods (therefore, you won't see here non-seo packages) unlike other providers. We stand beyond our seo projects, that's why why have weekly/monthly contracts with our client.
Our prices are affordable and WE SUGGEST YOU WARMLY TO TRY OUR SEO SERVICES:

Link building rules:

  1. All Links are absolutely NO Black hat or gray hat tactics. We do White Hat techniques only.
  2. ALL Links are free, non-paid links.
  3. ALL Links are non-reciprocal (one way links).
  4. ALL Links are totally static to your website.
  5. ALL Links are manually submitted. We are NOT using automated software or techniques.
  6. ALL Links are from web pages PageRank3 and higher.
  7. ALL Links are contextual links preferred.
  8. ALL Links are definitely NOT from websites with a google penalty or google ban.
  9. ALL Links are contain your targeted keyword/s in the anchor text.
  10. All Links are aim to be from completely different C class IP addresses.
  11. All Links are text, no graphics.
  12. All Links are visible and readable (no hidden links).
  13. NO Links are from freely hosted sites such as geocities, tripod, etc.
  14. NO Links are from type of cloaking, no redirects, no dynamically generated links, no free for all's (FFA's) unless its relevant to our industry, no spam sites, no link schemes, no scraper sites, no mirror sites, no links within frame or iframe, no flash pages, no javascript, no link exchange or web rings, no illegal sites, no mouseovers, no ping sites.
  15. ALL Links are NOT from porn, gambling/casino, pharmacy/drug, indecent, questionable, unethical or illegal content sites.
  16. ALL Links are NOT sponsored links, advertisers, links, ads or similar.
  17. All Links are Do-Follow. nofollow tags and/or robots.txt page disallow aren't provided.
  18. All Links are NOT from web directories.
  19. All Links are following Google guidelines for building links.

  20. You can choose the anchor name & anchor url of your domain/s.
  21. All one-way-linking are 100% REAL, NOT FAKE.
  22. Deadline: 10 days

OUR EXAMPLE - You can see an example of high PR links in your own eyes:

  1. Example #1: PageRank 5 page - search within page for "Ecommerce website development" to see our link


If you're not sure how benefical is our high PageRank Link Building packages, please check some external URL's of trustable website and see in your own eyes how helpful is HIGH PAGERANK PAGES SUBMISSION:


Our SALE packages: (Price for 1 domain)

Bronze: (8$ for each PageRank3 backlink)

  • 25 backlinks
  • Bonus of extra 1 PageRank4 backlink
Total: 200$

Silver: (7$ for each PageRank3 backlink)
  • 50 backlinks
  • Bonus of extra 3 PageRank4 backlink
  • Bonus of extra 1 PageRank5 backlink
Total: 350$

Gold: (7$ for each PageRank3 backlink)
  • 100 backlinks
  • Bonus of extra 8 PageRank4 backlink
  • Bonus of extra 3 PageRank5 backlink
Total: 700$

Diamond: (6$ for each PageRank3 backlink)
  • 250 backlinks
  • Bonus of extra 15 PageRank4 backlink
  • Bonus of extra 5 PageRank5 backlink
Total: 1500$

What should you do after payment:
Send to the following:

  1. Payment transaction ID
  2. Anchor URL (e.g: "")
  3. Anchor Name: 1-5 keywords for link building (e.g: "seo", "seo usa")

After your payment, you'll receive payment email you will get up to 24hours a manual email, that approves your work was started.

During / Until the next 10 days, you receive a FULL REPORT WITH YOUR APPROVED HIGH PAGERANK BACKLINKS.

Report includes:
We'll provide you progress reports and final report in Excel spreadsheet format with the following columns and data:

  1. Backlink URL
  2. Google PR of the URL
  3. Anchor text
  4. Contact email address information if available
  5. Contact name if available


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