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Before starting to track the conversion rate of your AdWords campaigns, meaning to determine how many sales or leads were generated from the investment made within your Ecommerce website, it requires prior knowledge and preparation. You will have to embed webmaster snippets of code in the appropriate site pages.

The conversion rate of a site is always influence/connected to its success and the level of the return on investment (ROI) of the advertising campaign Pay Per Click (PPC). In other words, when the price for the search bid paid increases the conversion rate increases as well. The Ecommerce seo services and support ensured by the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer will help you achieve your objectives and improve your overall Ecommerce website state.

Below you can find the three main PPC advertising objectives or often called challenges connected to conversion rates with a low level:

  • If you are in the current period engaged to pay search advertising, if the price for keyword in the vertical market will increase, then the actual conversion rate of your Ecommerce web site may not be able to support those higher bids which are essential help to stay in the business.
  • There is also the situation in which bid prices for a keyword established in the vertical market will continue to increase. In this case, if you are not already using PPC within your Ecommerce website, you will be either rejected by the market.
  • If one of these situations suits you well, you will definitely need the information and right strategy to improve the conversion rates in an efficient way within your Ecommerce web site.

In order to be efficient, the PPC advertising campaign should be played under 1$ bid ceiling. Otherwise, when the bid increase less people and prospects are able to reach the retailer. The problem is that nowadays, important keywords already have high bid prices over a dollar. Due to this, some retailers have to face the fact that they are already out of the game even before starting it. Through the Ecommerce development services of the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer you will be able to start an effective PPC campaign and even find the best Ecommerce web site development solutions to fit your Ecommerce web site design.

In order to understand how it works, let us consider the following practical example: What is the level of the bid supported by a given Retailer who sells shirts online for 300$, while having a 10% margin profit? According to the gross margin, he has a profit of 30$ for each sold shirt. If we consider 1 thousand visitors, the Retailer A will sell 20 shirts and get $6.000, if we consider a conversion cost of 2%. The revenue is $600.

In order to determine the conversion cost we must divide the earnings to the number of visitors. Therefore, the conversion cost will be $600 divided to 1 thousand visitors, which lead us to a break-even bid of $0,60. Similarly, the CPA (cost per action) can be determined by diving the revenue ($600) to the number of sold shirts (20) which equals to 30$. In this case, Retailer A is not able to compete on the market, yet. But, what if we consider a conversion cost of 4%? At a 4 % level of the conversion rate, he is able to pay a $1.20 bid and the CPA decreases with 50%, being now only $15. Now, Retailer A has the opportunity to compete the top rankings again. When reaching an 8% or 10% conversion rate, then it is obvious that the PPC advertising campaign is starting to get highly profitable. Thus, improving the conversion rate of the site is essential for Retailer A so that he is able to remain competitive in this kind of advertising.

While bid prices increase extremely fast in certain markets, those Ecommerce website companies that have not already launched their PPC campaigns are risking so much. The prices of the bids could continue to increase until when Retailer A starts to experiment search advertising, the campaign will get too costly to gather new knowledge. This is how the conversion rate deficit affects Ecommerce web site companies.

When being engaged in PPC advertising and struggling to improve your Ecommerce Web site conversion rate, you must take into account several factors. At the beginning the competitors' head start could provide you with a strong advantage.

But, there is always an exception as for example, customer lifetime value or different conversion. Still, these exceptions do not change the rule: a direct relationship appears between bid price and conversion rate. Using the data and information supplied by the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer you are able to learn how to start your own PPC campaign and the best Ecommerce development solution that could be implemented within your Ecommerce website.

It is important to improve your Ecommerce Web site conversion rate and this cannot be argued. There is not time to wait until the prices of PPC advertising become too expensive and impede you focusing on increasing conversion rates of your Ecommerce website.

Those marketers who are involved in PPC conversion enhancement processes had the opportunity to increase their Ecommerce website conversion rates. Sometimes, critical conversion rate increases have occurred: from a 2% conversion rate to 22%. Ecommerce Web site conversion rate can be highly improved when you commit to the process. But, if the prices of bids continue rising, marketers will be indirectly obliged to making such a commitment.

The great news is that with the help of the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer, you have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality website seo services, support and assistance throughout all your Ecommerce web site development actions and develop your Ecommerce web site design as you planned.

$$Affiliate Program$$ 600$ Weekly MORE
SEO PACKAGE From 60$ Details
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