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Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Once you are decided to launch an ecommerce business one of your main concerns should be the way in which your customers will purchase products/items from your ecommerce store. Having this in mind, the solution for this problem is a simple one: through an ecommerce shopping cart.

More specifically, an ecommerce shopping cart offers your prospect customers the possibility to select, review, delete, add or change various products and then checkout. However, if you want to make your customers to feel like home, by offering them the possibility to shop online, then an ecommerce shopping cart is the right solution.

According to the definition, an ecommerce shopping cart has the purpose to assist people while they make online purchases, but this term is also known as shopping basket or simply basket in some cases.

Regardless of the denomination used, the ecommerce shopping cart is a reliable and successful ecommerce development solution that will give you the opportunity to attract new visitors and gain new customers.

Depending on your business needs, you have the possibility to choose among various ecommerce website development solutions and ecommerce website design ideas that will ensure you a competitive advantage and success on the long term.

If we are to analyze the ecommerce shopping cart we may say that the best solution to implement one is by means of an ecommerce shopping cart software. In this way, when you are about to choose such a software you need to be careful for both the features of the ecommerce software itself and the features of your future ecommerce shopping cart.

Having this in mind, you have the possibility to change and implement your own ideas but you must also be properly informed regarding how the software works and needs to be used.

In case of payments, the ecommerce shopping cart software relies on a module of secure gateway integration which will make sure that all transactions are secure and the customer’s information remains confidential.

Since there are many types of ecommerce development platform solutions as well as ecommerce development solutions, there are also two main categories of ecommerce development shopping cart software:

  1. Licensed ecommerce shopping cart
    The licensed software solutions can be easily downloaded and installed on a web server. In order to use such an ecommerce development shopping cart software you need to pay a fee, but you can also find some versions for free.
    The main advantage in this case is that the merchant has the license and is able to host the ecommerce shopping cart software on any web server. In addition, it is an important advantage the fact that the merchant can easily customize the software, adding new features or removing old inefficient ones by accessing the application.
  2. Hosted ecommerce shopping cart
    In the case of hosted software, there are two parties involved: the merchant and the hosting provider. The ecommerce provider is paid on a monthly or annually basis and has the obligation the maintain the software always working, making sure security is ensured but also for adding new features and ecommerce development solutions.

In this way, the merchant does not have the license for the software and neither control over the software’s functionality, but more time to find ways to increase his business while the hosting provider takes care of everything related to the ecommerce shopping cart software.

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