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Questions to Ask Before Buying Ecommerce Software

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Basic Questions to Ask Before the Right Software

Before you buy your Ecommerce development platform, you should revise your business plan (which is essential when starting a business) and find out what specific tools will have to contain the Ecommerce web site development solution you choose. Afterwards, based on your specific needs just ask the salesperson regarding the following matters:

Key Questions:

Is technical support, by telephone, being provided 24/7? What other tools are included in the Ecommerce development offer such as web analytics, hosting or accounting software? Does the Ecommerce website development platform offer help with cross-selling or up-selling? Has the Ecommerce website development platform included or built-in site search? If yes, what tools will I need to be able to influence the search engine result pages (SERP)? When the shopper picks out an item from the page, which is the total number of pages he/she must click through to carry out the purchase? (The higher the number of pages, the higher will result the percentage of the abandoned shopping carts.)

Site Building Questions:

What is the product quantity that your Ecommerce development software will allow me to display: dozens or thousands? Does the software come with a wide variety of templates, so that I can choose the one that suits my business best? If I decide to hire a HTML expert to improve the Ecommerce website design and structure, will custom-written HTML pages interfere with the software? Does your Ecommerce website development solution generate both static and dynamic Web pages? (The static pages are written using HTML and are more likely to be recognized by search engines; while dynamic pages are designed when a shopper requests them, and allow you to present more easily a large catalog of items.) What is the price of upgrades? Which is the flexibility level offered by the product shipping section? Will I be able to offer shipping discounts based on total customer purchase value?

Marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Questions:

In what amount will the Ecommerce development platform help me with gather information about shoppers e-mails and ease administering an e-mail marketing campaign? Does the system include a method for tracking coupons and special offers which are required by me? Do shoppers have the possibility to keep their own lists of favorite products, maybe even previously purchased item, on the website? Shoppers often create their own list of items and this increases the sales level.

Questions about Merchant Administration Tool:

How does the notification system work? How am I going to be notified regarding new orders? (This matter is important because some systems send e-mails and other work using a Web Interface.) Will the software be able to send the shopper an automatic confirmation e-mail or message? To what extent I am able to customize the e-mail or message?

Questions dealing with Database and Inventory:

What kind of databases will work using your Ecommerce web site development platform offered by URLdreamer? Does the Ecommerce development software allow my site to get connected to a real time database where constant changes in inventory and prices are reflected? What features has the Ecommerce development software that will allow me to update the inventory level depending on my bricks and in-store inventory levels? What file formats work when it comes to importing and exporting inventory reports?

We know that the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer can offer you the right Ecommerce web site development solutions for your business. All you have to do is Request a quote and we will soon contact you with our best offers.

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