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We have already made the distinction between a blog and an Internet forum. But what is a blog? A blog can be considered as a sort of website, with some elements of forum and social bookmarking website. In other words, the Ecommerce blog is not defined based on the content, but based on the technical aspects and characteristics.

The following Ecommerce blog features make the difference between a blog and other Ecommerce websites:

  • The content is published chronologically and syndicated using RSS feeds
  • The content is regularly updated and revised
  • The readers can leave comments
  • The other blog authors have the possibility to communicate via trackbacks or pingbacks

These are the most important Ecommerce blog features that define a blog and differentiate it from the other Ecommerce websites. But, an Internet forum could also offer Ecommerce RSS feeds but this is an exception. Such an Internet forum will not become a blog.

Nowadays, Ecommerce blogs have gained worldwide recognition and are being used for any kind of topic or purpose. We have companies using blogs to maintain communication with customers and stakeholders; even magazines or newspapers that have incorporated an Ecommerce blog on their official website. But, there are also many individuals that share their beliefs or experiences with the world. Being a reliable Ecommerce provider, we have the necessary Ecommerce web site development solutions, website seo services and Ecommerce web site design offers to help you develop a successful business with all required features.

Separate the Content of an Ecommerce Development Website into a Blog

If you decide to separate the content from the original Ecommerce website, then you will see how easy is to work with definitions and concepts.

Let us consider a person who wants to insert an online FAQ column. To achieve this, he/she should choose among various types of Ecommerce websites.

For example, the person could first create an online Ecommerce forum where each thread is the answer of a certain question. Or, she could develop a static HTML Ecommerce web site where he/she could publish each question and answer on a separate page. Another possibility involved creating a wiki where the users will be able to edit questions and answers fast and easy. Finally, but not least, the person could design an Ecommerce blog where each post should contain a question and the answer.

This being said, we can conclude that the content does not define the Ecommerce website. The content can be expressed in many forms and the ones mentioned above are only a few, the most used ones.

If you want to efficiently use Ecommerce blog features, then you definitely need to get informed about how they work. And the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer represents the right source to get good-quality information regarding all concepts of Ecommerce web site development, Ecommerce seo services, Ecommerce forum and Ecommerce web site design.


At first glance you might not be so impressed by them. But with the help of some new entries, links and other connection the archives will improve. Still, it is important to know what is going on beneath its surface and what might attract one’s attention.

In the case of an Ecommerce website forum, whenever a new post is written the message goes directly on the top of the front page and the post remains there for almost a few months, even more. Each now post will be published as being the first one, and as it gets older the whole Ecommerce web site forum content will look as a long discussion of events, news, and opinions. All the information posted goes directly into the “Archives” of the Ecommerce blog. All the information is structured chronologically and you can easily find you way back using the “Archives” section.

The “Archives” content can be easily noticed by looking at the sidebar which is usually placed on the left part of the blog. There you will find the main topics, links for the most recent or oldest posts and you access whatever category you like. When opening a category, the most recent messages will be on the top of the page and as you continue, you will find the oldest at the bottom of the page.


Even if not all blogs offer the possibility to leave a comment, most blogs do. There are blogs that accept comments, for example those about traveling, and there are some blogs which do not have this option, for example the blog of a public person. Still, most Ecommerce blogs accept comments.

Furthermore, posting such a comment is not hard at all. You only have to click the “Comment” button which will lead you to a form where you have to mention your name, e-mail address and a link of your own blog if you have one. In this way, you are giving feedback. You can write you comment about any topic: positive comment, critique, questions, proposals, experience, etc. with the help of the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer you will be able to create your own Ecommerce forum for your Ecommerce web site and develop the best Ecommerce web site design that meets your requirements.

Nowadays, there are many blogs and each one has a different, unique layout with unique Ecommerce blog features. URLdreamer is the appropriate Ecommerce provider to offer you detailed information about how to use a blog properly. When you decide to start your own blog, you definitely have to know how to use “Archives”, what are “Comments”, what and how to their features.

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