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Using Affiliate feature you are able to run a complete Sales with the help of Affiliate program and Ecommerce development solutions. The Affiliates can follow the registration steps, and afterwards the Administrator will approve their option to be part of the Ecommerce web site development affiliate community. Each Affiliate will receive a special referral expressed in % (percentages). Though Affiliate management, linking banners are made available for affiliates as well as advanced reports.

With the help of Affiliate feature of Ecommerce development you can increase your traffic for the online store and most importantly, the online sales will increase by allowing other Ecommerce web site masters to advertise several products and services using your Ecommerce web site. In this way, the Ecommerce website masters will refer prospective customers towards your Ecommerce website in exchange of a referral % fee for each sale.

Before having the possibility to enjoy all these advantages, the affiliates must be accepted by the store Administrator. Likewise, the Administrator can also ask for a referral fee which can be established according to each affiliate or the same for everyone. When the account is accepted, the affiliate will be able to bring you more and more customers within minutes!

With the help of the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer and the affiliate management feature you can now increase your traffic, gain more customers and be successful using your Ecommerce website!

You can find below some of the most important benefits of the Affiliate program offered by the Ecommerce provider URLdreamer:

  • The Analysis of Your Affiliates Performance – You will have access to several reports and graphs specially designed for affiliate, commission analysis and Ecommerce website. In this way, you will be able to examine and determine the efficiency of your marketing tools and affiliates’ work. All our web site seo services and Ecommerce web site design services will help you increase the traffic and gain market recognition.
  • Simple Affiliate Signup and Administration - You will be able to accept affiliates even earlier than they are permitted to login. Plus, you have the option to send automatically welcome e-mails adding their exclusive affiliate details in order to promote your products effectively.
  • Large choice of Marketing and Promotion Tools – Using Affiliate Management and Affiliate Ecommerce development feature you can promote your own products throughout affiliations without so much effort. How? You will allow them to access banner ads, txt links and text ads and many more.
  • Easy Commission Management - With the help of Commission management features your affiliate payments will work like a snap.
  • Automatically Send Guidance and Encouraging Materials to Your Affiliates - With URLdreamer affiliate program you will have the opportunity to send your affiliates good-quality guidance resources via e-mail. You can easily create your own training materials and daily inform your affiliates about new ways to encourage your products and services.
  • Integrates with Virtually any Payment Processor / Shopping Cart - Some of the best Affiliate marketing programs offered by URLdreamer will help you integrate along with the shopping cart, the payment processor and the ‘”Thank You” page for commissions.
  • Create Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Sale, CPM Tracking or Pay-Per-Click - Our affiliate program feature will allow you to design a variety of affiliate programs based on your specific needs and requirements. You can create your own affiliate program Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Sale Pay-Per-Click, and Cost per Thousand (CPM) affiliate tracking.

$$Affiliate Program$$ 600$ Weekly MORE
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